Wearables – From Clothes to Cars and Beyond

blog_wearables_msWhen the temperature rises above 85 degrees (F), I prefer being at the beach or in the cool shade. Recently I was observing some hard-core athletes jogging in the blazing sun, some even doing some push-ups intermittently to create some variety in their run. From my vantage point in the shade, I noticed that more and more sports enthusiasts are wearing smart wat... read more >>

Expanding Your Supply Chain For a Healthier Bottom Line

scm_expandingLet’s start with a quick premise review. The supply chain starts with the inception of the product and ends with the happy and loyal customer. Everything between these two ends belongs to the world of supply chain management. As a manager, you are more than a purchasing agent. The logistics under your umbrella Continue reading

E-Mobility is coming – but is it different than expected?

PrintCurrent discussions on the topic of ‘E-mobility’ mostly revolve around the further development of cars as we know them today. However, a point that is often neglected is the evolutionary change that is taking place in our society. Automotive engineers, suppliers and also drivers tend to consider experience and knowledge as the basis for innovation in vehicle development. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: Get Educated!

becky_scIt has come to my attention that there are countless amounts of people who are not aware of the supply chain industry. Take me for example. Before I secured an internship at INFORM GmbH I hadn’t really considered the supply chain industry as a pursuit. For my year abroad, I thought I’d just be working in an office, maybe translating or filling out data sheets. But no, I saw ... read more >>