6 Supply Chain Skills Every Manager Needs to Know

Supply chain is a part of almost every business. Managing it effectively is not a simple task. Global supply chains consist of several challenges that demand logistics professionals to constantly develop new skills and enhance the existing ones. By doing this, you can assure high supply chain performance. Let us look at six core supply chain skills  Continue reading

3D Printing: Evolution Rather than Revolution

Part 1 of 2: The State of Technology

In 2013, a speculation on the topic “Does 3D printing mean the end of the global supply chain?” was initiated in a blog written by Kristina Pelzel (German). Today, almost three years and a lot of 3D printing hype later, it is time for the current technical state-of-the-art to be analyzed and Continue reading

Supply Chain and Logistics Trends in 2017

“The digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword.” This was a well-fitting conclusion from Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinker at last year’s international logistics congress in Berlin. For several years now, we have all been aware of the fact that processes (especially in logistics, but also in many other economic areas) are becoming more and more digitalized. This trend will accompany us for Continue reading