Supply Chain Management: Get Educated!

becky_scIt has come to my attention that there are countless amounts of people who are not aware of the supply chain industry. Take me for example. Before I secured an internship at INFORM GmbH I hadn’t really considered the supply chain industry as a pursuit. For my year abroad, I thought I’d just be working in an office, maybe translating or filling out data sheets. But no, I saw ... read more >>

Putting Artificial Intelligence in its Proper Place

blog_ai_walmartIf ‘big data’ was the phrase du-jour in 2015, I propose that in 2016 it will be ‘artificial intelligence’ – or ‘AI’ if you’re really cool. AI combines all the efficiency and futuristic promise of robotics and takes them to the next level, where they are able to seem more like super human beings than toys leftover from the 1960’s. Continue reading

Leveraging Consumer Features for Logistics Success

blog_autonomous drivingSince the dawn of the automobile, there has been a constant push to continually develop and integrate new technologies in order to provide more value to the customer. From steam power to gasoline engines, leaf spring suspension to air ride shocks, and the transition from radio to 8 track to CD to MP3, the automotive world has seen a lot of innovatio... read more >>

Prioritize These 4 Items to Eliminate Customer Complaints

blog_prioritiesAt a conference I recently spoke at, I repeatedly heard amazement, concern, and frustration from attendees that, while they and their companies were engaged in constant continuous improvement efforts, their customers did not see any of it and were actually complaining Continue reading